How local governments can use Twitter’s Vine App

vine-app-iconLast week Twitter launched their new app for iPhone called, Vine. The app allows users to shoot six second long videos and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Below is an example:

Chris Brogan recently came up with 11 things a business could do with the new Vine app.

This got me to thinking about how cities and counties could use Vine. I think it could be useful and a lot of fun!

Ways local government can use Vine

  • Ribbon cuttings for a newly launched park
  • Got a crew out filling the large pothole on one of the main streets? Record the before and after on Vine.
  • Generate buzz for upcoming events
  • Introduce new products your citizens can use, like, a smartphone app :)

Do you have any suggestions on how Vine can be used? Please share them!

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